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Audio Sermons can be extremely helpful, but they must be Biblically sound. Especially the ones addressing areas related to salvation and eternal life are vital since one's SOUL is his most valuable possession. In a day such as ours which is rampant with false teachings, this is even more so. There are many heretics in influential places misrepresenting the gospel of grace. That especially includes the DANGEROUS eternal security teachers who declare their doctrines under grace. The following sermons and radio interviews are connected in one way or another with eternal security. Please listen closely, verify the teachings with your own Bible, then change accordingly!

The Gospel According to Charles Stanley (real audio)
Part One|Part Two
Shocking expose of popular preacherís erroneous teachings.

What's Wrong With Today's Gospel?

Almost A Backslider

Are You Sure They Were Never Saved?

The Believerís Conditional Security

California Interview on the Believerís Security: Part 1|Part 2

California Interview, Part 2 Part 1|Part 2

Examining Ray Comfortís True - False Conversion
and Law-Preaching Evangelism

Enter Through the Narrow Gate: Part 1|Part 2

Evidence of Saving Grace: Part 1|Part 2

The Greatest Danger for a Christian Part 1|Part 2

Heaven, Hell, Salvation

Hell radio interview Part 1|Part 2

This Place Called Hell

How God views the unsaved

Dave Hunt Vs. Dan Corner Mini-Debate
On The Believerís Security

Dave Hunt and Dan Corner briefly debate the
issue of eternal security over the radio.

New Testament Truths From Ezekiel Part 1|Part 2

Not All Who Say, ďLord, LordĒ Part 1|Part 2

Once Saved Always Saved?

The Parable of the Sower

Satanís Servants: Part 1|Part 2

Soul Winning Part 1|Part 2

Spiritual Safeguards

Tests That Come Our Way Part 1|Part 2

True and Living God, The Part 1|Part 2

Why/How of Memorizing Scripture
There will be a slight pause halfway through this message.

No Eternal Security

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