No Eternal Security

eternal security refuted book There is NO eternal security or once saved always saved, according to the Bible. The truth is, that teaching is not Biblical or Christian. It has nothing to do with eternal salvation, as mentioned in Heb. 5:9. It has been a dangerous snare to multitudes over the centuries. Without a doubt millions have experienced spiritual death and are in the fires of hell at this moment because of the false gospel of eternal security. The real gospel is connected with a conditional security for the believer (1 Cor. 15:2). Hence, it is most serious to teach any other version of grace. This is a salvation-related issue. That is not Dan Corner's opinion, but Bible.

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The Believer's Conditional Security:
Eternal Security Refuted by Dan Corner

That book by Dan Corner is the greatest work ever written refuting the teaching of eternal security (once saved always saved). This book is a massive 801 pages. Never has any book on this subject been this detailed and thorough! Read more here: Eternal Security Book. It contains valuable material related to this subject that you will not read in any other book on this subject. The subtitle tells it all: Eternal Security Refuted. Your money will be fully refunded if not satisfied upon the return of the book in a re-sellable condition. It is available in hardback, softback and voicebook. We provide prompt shipment plus FREE materials with your order for this No Eternal Security Book. Included among the FREE materials are tracts by Dan Corner related to eternal security. Send your check or money order to Evangelical Outreach, PO Box 265, Washington PA 15301.

Dan Corner
About The Author (Dan Corner):

After graduating from college, Dan Corner got saved by reading the Bible. For over thirty years, Dan has diligently served the Lord Jesus. His pastoral, apologetic, counter cult and street evangelism experiences have equipped him to contend for the faith (Jude 3,4) and win souls to Jesus from many backgrounds.

Dan Corner is an ordained minister who pastored for almost seven years and has authored several books.

No eternal security booklets written by holiness preacher, Dan Corner include:

  1. The Gospel According to Charles Stanley, exposing this popular preacherís erroneous teachings;
  2. Unmasking John MacArthurís Calvinistic Version of Saving Faith, a revealing study of MacArthurís true beliefs.

Dan Corner has also written hundreds of teachings and gospel tracts on a wide variety of subjects. Dan Corner also conducts weekly Internet Church for the spiritual benefit of many who especially cannot find a sound congregation in their area or are physically hindered from leaving their home.

Brother Dan Corner has done various radio and TV interviews on his book refuting eternal security and is available for seminars and conferences or to bring revival to your church.