Testimonies Of Former
Eternal Security Believers

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Mike (wma)
(The first false doctrine to fall was
once saved always saved)

John (wma)
(I was a Calvinist for 25 years, then I found peace)

Lori (wma)
(I was saved; my church had taught me that)

(I hated those who denied eternal security) (real media)

Brett (wma)
(Eternal security is apostasy's advocate)

K.H. (mp3)
(No longer a Calvinist)

Wayne (mp3)
(Eternal security is false Reformed theology)

Bob (real media)
(Eternal security led me into alcoholism)

Jeff (real media)
(I cannot even listen to a once saved always saved teacher)

Michelle (real media)
(The truth about eternal security changed my life)

Stanley (real media)
(Why I no longer believe in eternal security)

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